Animal Therapy Training

Yes, the big animal therapy exam is showing up on the horizon. I only have a couple more weeks to prepare. I take my training very seriously (well there has to be food or something, you don’t work for free either). The photo of me in front of my school shows how serious I can be. I only have one more animal therapy training session and then I should be ready. Yesterday, we learned how to maneuver around wheelchairs, people with walkers, and small children who were running back and forth. I was very interested in the stuffed toys the children brought. At home, I play with stuffed animals and at school, I was told not to. It is a confusing world. Oh yeah, and they throw treats on the floor that you are not supposed to eat. What a waste, wouldn’t you say? But the trainers are saying that it could be a pill on the floor and that would be bad for me. I guess they do have a point. 



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