A bit Sad

For a moment, I thought nobody liked me anymore as almost no one responded to my most recent posts. That can’t be right, my assistants assured me. After all, I am Benji, the social butterfly. Then we looked at the WordPress reader and my most recent posts are just not showing up. Either my assistants don’t know what they are doing (and that shouldn’t be true) or WordPress is the one to blame.  Let’s keep all paws crossed and hope this post shows up in the reader. 

sad.JPGWhat’s up with the new eardo you ask? Well, I will tell you all about it later; once we get this thing working again.  P.S. Of course, my ears are still in one piece. 


16 thoughts on “A bit Sad

  1. WordPress can be like that…one little accidental change in your configurations and you lose hundreds of followers. But not really. You just have to figure out what (if anything) you changed before the problem. Sometimes it is not you that changed something. At any rate, you are back, I am glad, and you needn’t be sad!

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