What’s up? Well, while I am still waiting for my first super-secret-mission, I have not been lazy. Instead, I got some new work. I have been asked to model for Belén Soto, a very talented ceramist. We all really like her work, so I was quite honored when Belén asked me if I would like to sit for one of her sculptures! With mom’s help, I did my best to provide a front and side view photo of me. It was not easy to sit still. Leaves kept falling around me, interrupting my concentration.

You can find Belén’s beautiful work on Clay and Fire.  I am looking forward to the results of this effort! 


Is this good?


What’s that?


OK, how about this?


Mom, they are really tempting me


OK, will leave them alone now


This should be good, right?

20 thoughts on “Posing

  1. Thank you very much for your effort, Benji, great work, the photos are really beautiful.
    That “sit”, is really nice, very academic 🙂 … you are a smart guy.
    Now that I can see your amazing beauty, I feel more inspired …
    Do not forget to say thanks to your mom for her interest … and patience.

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  2. Belén’s one of my favorite bloggers because I think her ceramic works are exceptionally clever and humorous! I look forward to every new one, and now will be especially excited knowing she will post a Benji ceramic at some point! (Hey, when you look that good, it is bound to attract the attention of an artist, eh?!!)

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    • Yeah, we are very excited about it. And Belén’s workshop buddies are now enticing Belén to include Ms. Zulu in the ceramic art project as well. So we are doubly honoured.

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    • Hi Doug, thank you very much, always so kind !!
      Benji deserves it, he’s a beautiful dog … and he has a lovely mom, sometimes it’s easy to feel inspired with these four-legged models.
      Remember that long ago talking about our pets, you introduced me the Anarette blog.
      I think Benji is destined to be a great success !!

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      • You know it! He’s more than a pretty face, as the recent test for service dog proved!

        That’s right! I forget sometimes that telling others about blogs I find excellent results in new friendships and collaborations. I appreciate that you, too, have become a friend of Anarette because it means two very creative are coming together to create something special!

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      • “more than a pretty face”, you always know how to make a person, uhm doggie feel appreciated. I am a therapy dog though, there is a difference. The main difference for me is that I will stay in my forever home :), something I am very happy about. Love to get new friends too. WOOFFF, Benji.

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