A Coastal Tour

I don’t know about you but lots has happened here. The Deal Ms. Zulu and I had with mom went very well. And around Thanksgiving, we had a V.I.P. stay with us for a week.  The two occasions must be related.  It was the first time that I met Mom’s nephew. He is studying abroad for a semester and was able to visit us. So, both Ms. Zulu and I got lots of attention and we got to go on trips. It definitely was a week packed with fun stuff.

One day we toured around Florida’s coast. That day was a long day in the car, but I didn’t mind as I could sit next to our V.I.P. guest. Since I had just finished my studies I shared some of my successful secrets with him. No, I can’t tell you those because then they won’t be secrets any longer. And I let the V.I.P. sit in my favorite spot, it’s right behind the driver’s seat.

Ms. Zulu stayed home alone, she had to catch up on some much-needed sleep.  I don’t blame her, she has been on so many trips already that she forgot how many. And I have to say, I was dead tired too after such a long day. We walked and walked, I felt like Forrest Gump. I think I even saw his shrimp boat in Apalachicola (FL). It made me hungry. When dinner was served, I was a bit disappointed that it was not for me. Lucky for me, wherever I went, people pitied me (yes it does help when you look skinny) and I got some treats. Especially the Tin Man, at the Tin Shed, and the lady at the pet store Oysterbones were generous.  So a big thank you to all the wonderful people who kept me fed and petted while I walked Florida’s streets.

Happy Tails, Benji.

8 thoughts on “A Coastal Tour

  1. Well, the treat for me was all of the photos! You’re lookin’ good, Benji! What a good doggy, too! I’m pleased you and Ms. Zulu got some of those treats you accumulated, too, because I know the two of you earned them!

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    • Thanks! Ms. Zulu and I are still munching on the treats. We are not supposed to eat them all at once. We are a bit lonely now after our guest left early this morning, but mom promised we would go on another trip soon.


      • Fortunately, I can travel on the back seat. I was not happy in the “prison” either. I am fine as long as I can look outside, Benji.


  2. What an exciting excursion Benji, great emotions always come with a feeling of tiredness and hunger … it is a side effect.
    Everything can be solved with a long nap … and a delicious dinner.
    The photos are beautiful, the last one is the best 🙂

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