Wow, that was close. I went to the vet today with my big sister. Before we even got started, we were weighed. I certainly didn’t see that one coming. If I would have, I would have skipped today’s breakfast. But luckily all went well, even without taking any precautions. Doc said that both Ms. Zulu and I are at a good weight and have a strong heart. Doc even gave me kudos (also real ones!) for keeping Ms. Zulu sharp and fit. This means that we a) do not need to go on a diet anytime soon; yeah, bring on those extra treats! And b) that we can keep chasing each other. So that’s what we did once we got home. 


Hey, wait!


Where’re you going?


Can you catch me?

Happy running, and if you do have to run in circles with the holidays coming up and all, make them big so you won’t get dizzy.

Puppy kisses, Benji  

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