In December of last year, I was invited to be at Drake and Sol‘s wedding in June this year. Drake and Sol are two beautiful creatures born at Belén Soto’s home. They are now happily residing at Resa’s, just click on the links to see their photos. I am very excited about the upcoming wedding as it will be my first!

For the occasion, mom and I have been shopping for bow ties. We settled on two possibilities: a dotted and a solid blue bow tie. Not sure which one it will be yet. I felt more comfortable wearing the dotted one but it seems to be the general opinion that the blue tie has a nicer color. What do you think?

Resa asked if we could show the results, so here I am modeling in my best suit and the bow ties.* Ms. Zulu didn’t want to be left out, so she modeled too with a beautiful hair piece to adorn her already gorgeous complexion. Maybe she can even accompany me to the wedding. Sort of a chaperone. After all, I am a bachelor and Ms. Zulu is much more experienced than me although I don’t think she ever attended a wedding either.

* I am happy to note that both I and Ms. Zulu were lavishly rewarded for the effort. There were complaints that the light conditions were not the greatest during the photoshoot so we may have to try again. I am not complaining as long as we are rewarded and I trust we will be!

19 thoughts on “Modeling

    • I am leaning towards that one too, but I have to look more comfortable mom says. In all the photos she took of me with the blue one (and believe me she took a lot!), I just didn’t look too happy. BTW did you see the beach video I posted yesterday?


  1. Hi Benji! It’s Drake and Sol!
    Toronto mom’s writing this for us, as it takes forever to type with our duck bills.
    So far we love the blue bow tie! The only color better could be a scarlet red bow tie. However, let’s wait and see what color ribbons the bridesmaids are wearing. We are hoping the bridesmaids will be Lua and Mar.
    Drake will wear a white bow tie and his solid black tux.
    We would be honored to have Ms, Zulu be your escort to the wedding!
    Her flower is perfect! It will go beautifully with the wedding dress our moms are making for Sol.
    Our moms says Ms. Zulu will be in the Wedding Programme with Benji.
    It seems like a long time away, but there are so many plans to be made.
    You are a very handsome pair, indeed!
    Much love to all,
    Drake and Sol ❤

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    • Oh, Drake and Sol, so happy to hear your quacking and I mean that in a good way. So happy too that Ms. Zulu can be my escort. We have to be very careful these days that she doesn’t feel left out as I have more outings than her because of her age. Keep this information to yourself though. I don’t want to hurt her feelings. I will ask mom if we can find a scarlet red bow tie. That might look very good on me. Looking forward to another photo session (do the treat-signs in my eyes show?). I am so, so excited!!! Much love, Benji.

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    • Dear Resa, the guests begin with their preparations and here, the girls seem to be waiting for the January sales 🙂
      I think they have chosen ribbons and ties in strong red, they did not read your comment, but Mar think it is a perfect color for a wedding, very romantic … they will send some photos, soon.
      You have chosen the perfect best man for Drake, seriousness and elegance guaranteed … thank you for including to the beautiful Ms, Zulu in the wedding program!!!

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  2. It’s a tough decisions. You’re very handsome, and you look great in both of them. My instance preference was for the dotted one. It blends nicely with your fur, and it makes more of statement. Your a big guy, and I think you can pull off the stronger look. The blue is more on the formal side and a bit more subtle. After thorough deliberation – I vote for the dots.

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  3. Hi Benji, Wooooow, you two are so elegant !!
    It is a discreet, but shocking attire, I love the blue bow tie, stand out over your white shirt, by the way, I see that the coat is the usual, are you buying bigger sizes when you grow up? … I understand that you like it, it’s a beautiful combination of colors 🙂
    Drake feels very honored to have you by his side in these special moments, for Drake is also his first time …
    Thanks also to Ms Zulu for accepting to be your escort, she is really beautiful, captivating, is going to be the center of all eyes … it is also true that with her black coat anything combines well 🙂
    Sincerely, the other mom of Drake and Sol.

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    • Thanks! Yeah, I guess I do like my brindle coat. It is made of material that keeps stretching so I never have to change it. Mom washes it once in a while but I can keep it on when she does. You humans should try a coat like mine some time. It is an honor for Ms. Zulu and me to be at the wedding; we feel very proud to have been invited. Sweet kisses, Benji.

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