Alphabet Soup: B


Mom is teaching me how to spell my name. We started with the letter B which stands for Braveheart. She says that I am a braveheart because I am courageous in anxious times. I barked at this lion when I was a pup but learned that when someone else is different it doesn’t mean they are scary. Lion and I are now best buddies and share our treasures.


Puppy kisses, Benji

6 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup: B

  1. Yippy-yappy-super-woof-wow Benji!
    Your wisdom is beyond your years. We’re 5-years old, and we still bark at every dog that walks by our house. They are different. Starting tomorrow we will try to be more accepting of those dogs. We will strive to be Benji like.

    Your friends,
    Mica & Maizy

    PS: You kissed a cat..

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