The CCI Guest


Reardon (CCI in Training) and me (ES & CTD)

This post is under construction… Please visit me again and I promise to have an update soon. Right now I am way over my head with the CCI guest business to socialize in my blogging world. So this time only a sneak peek. Double WOOFFF, also from Reardon my guest of honor who is staying for three and a half fabulous days. We are both learning tons. Of course, this learning is carefully balanced with play and good food.


Ex-Shelter & Certified Therapy Dog (ES & CTD)

CCI = Canine Companion for Independence

8 thoughts on “The CCI Guest

  1. you got a visitor? how great… I’ve got one too… butt it was just the guy who reads ne numbers of a thingy we have on the wall… it leads mostly to nuclear meltdowns when they convert the numbers into green papers and call it electricity bills….

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    • Oh yeah, I heard something about that. That is mostly a problem in the summer here says Ms. Zulu especially when there are a lot of power failures and the bills still keep coming. Benji.


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