Then and Now: 4

Ahoy! The boat is back in the water, so we are sailing again. It had been at least a half year since the last time I sailed. So understandably, it took a couple of minutes to get my sea legs back. Yummies did help; every sailor knows that you get seasick with an empty stomach! It was fun once I found my sea legs. Of course, they were on the boat in case you were wondering …

Today, I also got a new cape. I haven’t tried yet if it is a magic one, you know the one that opens doors. Ms. Zulu was MIA as she needed her beauty sleep. I will include a photo of her from a while back so she doesn’t feel left out. I was dog tired after all that steering. Luckily I was able to confiscate the only two pillows that were on board. After all the captain always gets first dibs.

Night, night, Benji.




26 thoughts on “Then and Now: 4

  1. Ahoy captain Benji! I would love to ride the seven seas with ya… sadly the mama is the seasickness on two legs… no matter if her stomach is full or empty… she prefers empty, because you get only one bag when you enter a ferry LOL

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    • Very tiresome indeed. Yet I went to doggy play-care to play with my friends. Tomorrow I will do the same and then finally I will be able to rest! Keep plowing along my friend. Rest is for the wicked. Benji.

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