Waving Magic


Me, pondering…

M(om) wants me to wave my magic tail. Apparently, all kinds of dirt is being stirred up in the human world. So much even, that we hardly watch the news anymore. While I really love to help stir up dirt, I am not sure if I can help unstir it. M assured me that since I have acquired the title Dogtor Who (thanks Q) and am in the possession of a magic blue harness and red bow tie, anything is possible. Hmmm…, if anything is possible I should be able to get yummies out of this too. I have to ponder this over. After all, Doctor Who needs a whole episode to unscrew the world.  Maybe I can get some help from Ms. Zulu. She is very wise. Yes, that is what I will do. I will ask Ms. Zulu’s help; she can be my assistant. But first a nap.


14 thoughts on “Waving Magic

    • Maybe we need to get all furry ones involved at the same time. We would have a major tail wave. Yes, that might be the trick. If you get with your friends I will get my friends ready.


  1. My friend is second generation American in a family that came from Mexico, so perhaps this is his Americanized (i.e. “fast”) version of the traditional siesta. I never thought of his habit that way since he is very much an American, of course, in his generation.

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    • Your friend is very smart. It must be healthy and recharge ones mind. We should all do it. I believe in some parts (Japan?) they have meditation/ yoga during breaks. The world would be a more loving place if everyone would do it. A.


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