A quick update. At the moment I am pretty busy preparing for my second Mission Impossible (MI-2). Since I get a lot of questions about my new line of work, I thought that I would explain, to the extent possible, what I do. Most of it is classified, but I can at least try to describe the general gist. My assistant just finished updating my resume too, so take a peek (click here) for a short overview of what I do.

M (Mom) is the head of SIS (Super Individual Service) where I work. She determines my assignments and supervises my work. Both M and I are at headquarters a lot to prepare for my missions. I am not only trained at headquarters but also off-site. It’s a nice mix of different types of training and locations which prepare me well for my super-secret-missions. While I’m training and on special missions, I wear my special camo-suit. On a mission I also wear my magic blue harness. This harness opens doors to alternative realities that otherwise remain closed to us canines. For very special occasions, I wear a red bow tie. It has been speculated that it enhances the magic power of my blue harness. I am in the process of testing this theory.

My tools are either fabricated or modified at headquarters. Q is the tinkerer, he gives technical advice or modifies tools as needed. The Super-Screwdriver (S-SD) that I am showing in the photos above is a tool that I recently learned to use. It is not to be confused with Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver. You have to be really careful with the S-SD. A turn to the left unscrews the world. However, a wrong turn to the right (yeah I know it is counterintuitive that’s what makes it so hard) and you screw up the world even more. And that my friends is definitely not advisable considering the current state of affairs. Hmmm, what else? Ah, Ms. Zulu adds that I am well known for my fast handshakes left and right and hugs that are as sweet as honey. Oh, and I love a good chase. OK, I have to go now. Have a great week, spread some hugs while you are on a roll.

0011 a.k.a. B

24 thoughts on “MI-2

  1. You’ve had a very busy time learning new things and the kitty boys and I are very,very, very proud of how much you learned in such a short time!

    I just re-read their interview with you. Some of the questions suggest they hadn’t quite got a grasp of how special you are or how all dogs aren’t smelly noise makers that hassle kitty cats!

    They assure me they now “get it”, and you (and Ms.Z!) have a lot of respect for “woofies” that they didn’t have when they were younger. The thing that did it most was your revelation that you like water! Neither Andy nor Dougy likes to get wet, as you know, so you seem very brave to them to get wet before you make your dogtor visits….! Me-owww!

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      • The kitty boys always get along with woofies, but were surprised when they actually came to admire them for what they are and can be, too! They were shocked to learn that my favorite childhood companion was a woofie, though a succession of bunnies came in a close second, third, and fourth!

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      • I bet they were. I’m sure all is forgiven now?! Bunnies are fun too. Funny too that I never saw this comment until I went back to the post itself. New “improved” WP… A.


  2. Whew! Benji you are a busy boy! I need a nap from all the adventures, especially the pine cones!
    Meantime, Toronto mom’s working on Sol’s wedding dress. They have agreed on a style, so now it’s about finding the right fabrics. Apparently I don’t get to see it until the day of the wedding. Of course I’m sure Ms. Zulu is more interested in that kind of thing. Could you please say hello, and pass on the info.
    Your pal,

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