A Dangerous Affair -The End


Fire in the hole!

Good news, the dangerous affair is behind us. I have to say good supervision was much needed and Ms. Zulu and I were happy to help with that. All authorities, including the forester, were happy.

Apparently, prescribed burns have been done around headquarters almost on a yearly basis since 2003. The burns promote the regeneration of long leaf pine forest ecosystem. This ecosystem is considered optimal habitat for the Gopher Tortoise which is a threatened species.  And the Gopher Tortoise burrows provide prime real estate for over 300 other species! So headquarters provides shelter to lots of species besides the canine ones. Who would have known?

The day after we had to walk the borders to make sure that none of the fire had escaped. Lots of sniffing on our end showed us that all was clear. So today we can rest well.


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