Then and Now: 5



After the prescribed burn I went back to my favorite tree stump to see if it was still standing. I am happy to report that it did! There is always a new find on top of the stump. Lucky me, this time I found a pine cone!


Happy Finds,


12 thoughts on “Then and Now: 5

      • It takes a lot of patience to raise a baby of any species, something people often forget when they decide to become a “parent”. As much as I loved my kitty boys from the start, I wasn’t ready for the responsibilities that came with kittens.

        Were to do it again, I’d adopt older cats from the shelter, though I don’t regret learning through Andy and Dougy that I’m better suited for older cats than kittens!

        I don’t think I could handle a puppy. Kittens, at least, pretty much self-train to use the litter box. (“Pretty much”, though there were some mistakes along the way because the kitty boys were too far from the litter boxes ad had to go!)

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      • I hear you. Benji did great even though he came home from the shelter with intestinal parasites and the likes. It helped that I was able to take him out every couple of hours at first. Lot’s of work but worth it. The other shelter dogs that we adopted were older and that is easier. With them, I did more of the retraining and desensitizing stuff. We took in a momma cat with four kittens once too. That was so much fun and probably easier. The kittens were adopted soon after they were eight weeks old. I’m sure that helped too. And Katja the mamma cat was a wonderful being, she only scratched a bit on one couch. I repaired it and gave her a cat pole and that was enough. She never scratched anything again besides the cat pole.


  1. I just love baby Benji, and older Benji.
    Are you interested in collaborating on a Kids’ Month post?
    I’m thinking pics of baby B then & pics of B now
    If you are, I’ll send a mail. You could do a post, & I’ll reblog. OR, send me pics & I’ll do a guest post. Pics of Benji & Ms Zulu with kids would be good, too.

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