Before Ms. Zulu and I can eat our dinner always we have to wait furever… But I have to say, it’s always worth it.

Bon appétit



12 thoughts on “Dinnertime!

    • I know. I don’t understand why we need to wait. The food is out of the bag anyways. Ms. Zulu told me that it will be faster served if we just patiently wait. But nobody can stop me from drooling over it. B

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    • Real gentlemen then your kitties 🙂 Ms. Zulu says that I will gulp it down if I would not be paced by M. Of course, I won’t admit she might be right. Ms. Zulu eats very slowly. She gets less than half of the amount of food I get and is still finished later while I have to work for my food in between, WOL. I love my food! B

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  1. Charlie- Benji my sister eats slowly too, sometimes Mum has to hug me to stop me helping her finish, but my friend Amber is a girl and she eats much faster than her brother Marley. We have to eat quick in our house because a kitten comes and looks in our mouths to steal our food.

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