Then and Now: 7

You probably know by now that I have mastered the art of Zuluism. I’m sure my learning was speeded up by Ms. Zulu’s excellent example.  So I would like to thank her for being such a great role model as upper queen of Zuluism. She even did a great interview on the subject, way back when I wasn’t born yet. One of her best quotes: “become one with your pillow and let your worries melt away”. Of course, my best friends Ducky I (R.I.P.) and Ducky II also helped me to get where I am today.

Here are some pictures of how I practiced and perfected the art. It looks easier than it is. Just try it. As you can see you can use different poses, they are all good. Don’t be shy.


Sleeping with best friend Ducky I (11-7-15)

ZzstateI’ve now mastered the art of Zuluism (11-28-16)

IMG_4877Ducky II quickly became my best friend too (2-10-17)

Ms Zulu.JPGMs. Zulu, my mentor: “let your worries melt away”

Happy lazy Sunnyday, B

6 thoughts on “Then and Now: 7

  1. to have such a wise mentor like ZUlu is the best for a little pup… my mentor is the mama… and so I always have enough material for a mischief moanday post ;o)
    btw: I’m just back from the ole airport, I took 87 photos or more… give me a sign please for da post, how you would like to do it, oki`?

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