Hi peeps, just wanted to let you know that another super-secret mission is behind me. The covert operation was yesterday while the actual mission in Dogtor uniform was today. No gates this time, but impressive heavy wooden doors and lots of small corridors with people coming from nowhere and everywhere. We passed a cook in one of the corridors. I detected him from miles away. I liked him a lot, he smelled delish. He can come to my house anytime.

And guess what: there was another big box in the building! Before I started my missions, I never saw one and now they show up out of nowhere. M found it to be a sign. I have to agree with her. So after we had completed MP-3, we went into the city and found one to practice with. This one was pretty obvious as you can see. It said Dream Big in 3D. I guess higher authorities didn’t want me to miss the big box. The only thing that was missing was my S-SD device.

Happy Dreams, make them big,

10 thoughts on “MP-3

  1. can you handle that big bixes in buildings? the mama said I have to sit in such a box soon too… is it scary? …maybe I can find a cook too who can enter that box with me… then I can enjoy the tasty smell while that box goes up and down…

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    • That’s an excellent idea to bring the cook. Otherwise let the mama bring some nice treats because they can be scary. Maybe you should borrow my S-SD device. Or you can bring a friend to show you the ropes. Those are not always clearly visible in said box.


    • Yeah, I was a bit excited but like you said all was under control and I still got lots of treats. The big box needs some more practice, especially in combination with small corridors. I’m sure the treat account is sufficiently stocked to deal with that. B

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  2. We always say, dream big or go home! Sam used to be terrified of the elevator but has eventually gotten used to it and handles it extremely well now. Luckily he’s easily distracted with mini-treats which was how I got him over it. We practice taking the stairs too with all our visits since he needs to be able to exit the hospital in an emergency and we have no stairs at our home. First couple of times he tried to race up them! 😉

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