Agility & Mach 2+

I was able to fit in one more agility training before the Mach 2+ event in France. And boy, am I glad I did. The A-frame was a piece of cake with icing on the cake, a.k.a. delicious treats. I surprised everybody by running up and down the thing without any effort. This will come in handy since there is this barrier thing that I have to tackle during the Mach 2+ event. After my agility session, I had a blast with my new friends as we could run around without restrictions.




Sniff! Someone left lots of cake crumbs!


Run! It’s fun!

Only a couple more days till Mach 2+…,


16 thoughts on “Agility & Mach 2+

  1. you are a pro when it comes to that a-frame…. and I know if someone can break that barrier, than it must be you. the a-frame reminded the mama about the still unfinished ramp for the whoa-training… she will ask dad now when he will finish that thingy… I grab my popcorn and a drink, that has a huge entertainment factor hehehehe

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