Mission Impossible: 4 = MP-4

I did it! I commandeered the big box yesterday! I learned that a little help from my friends makes a huge difference. I went with my buddy Capone and a new CCI friend. I think it was their magic capes that made it work. M forgot to bring my magic harness, she even forgot my leash…., but that was quickly resolved as I could borrow one of Capone’s.

We found the big box waaay back in a building. We had to walk through small corridors and a crowd of people to get there. But it worked, I stepped right in, sat down, and then wooshhh we went all the way up from the basement up into the sky. It was a spiffy big box as it hardly made a sound. The pic is a bit blurry; we were going that fast! Proof that warp speed travel is possible.

big box.JPG

Warp speed traveling

Once we were high in the sky, the doors opened on the other side and a deliciously good aroma lured us out of the big box. Lots of people were dining and we were greeted by some very nice people who wanted hugs. And that my friend, I have plenty of.


My CCI friends

Hugs for all of you too, Benji.

14 thoughts on “Mission Impossible: 4 = MP-4

  1. wait a minute… that box brought you to a place with food?-……. oh then I will hop in that box too… if it brings me to a food place then it must be good… although the mama will sweat in advance with the imagination to bring me into a howl-tel with a magic box…

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  2. See Benji, I knew it would get better and you’d prevail, it did for Sam much the same way. He’s even gotten at ease with the stair wells (all of our guys have to do the stairs in case of an emergency) and that was a tough one for him since he didn’t have any at home). Now we take stairs every visit just to keep in practice before going up in the ‘box.’ And we’re A-okay on both fronts now. Well done! ღ

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