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About a week ago, I told you the story about the Pinecone Forest Queendom. In this queendom lived Katja de Kittycat. Her story began long before there even was a queendom in the Pinecone Forest. As promised, today I will tell Katja’s story and it began like this:


Katja de Kittycat

Katja was born in sunny Florida. Unfortunately, her story began similarly to many cats and dogs, on some dark and lonely streets. She may have been an indoor cat at first but it didn’t take long until she got pregnant with little ones. For some reason or another, she ended up homeless. She looked for a safe place away from predators to give birth. Her instincts told her to pick a spot that was dark and sheltered.

It was not easy to find enough food for herself and the little ones. Katja often felt hungry and it was no surprise that she got sick and infested with fleas. When the kittens were about three weeks old they started to walk. At first, their walk was wobbly and they only took a few steps at a time. But after a couple of days, they got more confident and were ready to explore their new world. Katja tried her best to keep the kittens safe. She carried them in her mouth back to safety one by one if they wandered off too far from their little cave. This was getting harder and harder. Each day the kittens roamed further into the deep unknown. It was during one of these events that a nice elderly lady discovered Katja and her kittens.

The lady wanted to make sure that the felines were safe but she was too fragile to take care of them. So she walked over to her neighbors and asked them what she should do.  The neighbors decided that it was best to provide momma cat and kittens with shelter, food, and care at their headquarters. They put up flyers to make sure that no one was looking for them, informed the animal shelter, and brought the felines to the vet for vaccinations and care. And that was the beginning of Katja’s life with the humans who you got to know as Q and M.    


Finally enough food for all

It was a fun time at headquarters these early days. The kittens were playful and grew, and grew, and grew. Katja did well too and morphed into a beautiful feline with long fur.  

After several weeks, permanent homes were found for the kittens and then two weeks later even Katja moved out to another home. And headquarters felt silent, too silent. That’s when M stumbled, okay she may have asked and asked around, across a beautiful and sweet 7-month-old rescued pup at the vet… The furry canine had been found as a three-month-old pup sitting on a blanket chained to a tree on the side of the road with a bowl of water.  How could one resist such a pitiful story? So the household grew by one again. The pup was called Amie (meaning dearly loved in French) after Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. But that’s a story for another time. 



Three weeks after Amie was adopted, Katja was returned to headquarters. The two cats in what was supposed to be Katja’s furrever home did not get along with her. Luckily, nothing was standing in the way for Katja to stay forever after at Q and M’s place.  Amie having lived at the vet’s office for several months liked all creatures so that was not an issue. Hence, headquarter’s household grew by one again. Katja moved with headquarters four more times until they all moved where I and Ms. Zulu live now. This is the place where Katja spent the remainder of her years. 


Wishing a safe home, food, and clean water for all creatures big and small wherever they may be,


12 thoughts on “The Archives: 2

  1. I agree no one can resist and I’m so glad that there was a happy end for Amie….I feel so sad when I imagine that a human chained her to that tree and walked away… who can do such a thing… not even the devil himself…

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  2. Benji, a lovely story for Amie and Katja. Thank you for telling this, it makes me so happy always when I hear somebody cares for animals. It was here some days ago in news how vet bills are so high that people just leave their sick animals on streets or forests to die or hoping somebody will find them. And our vet told that some clients said they have not enough money to send their pet to the Rainbow bridge, when needed. So sad!

    A reason to be happy, when Kosmo just walked in our lives and home about 3 years ago, he was already grown up. The black and white kittens of Katja look very much like Kosmo, so I can imagine he looked liked them.

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    • Thanks; Katja and the kittens were a lot of fun and very sweet. It’s so sad that people believe they need a pet when they can’t afford it. In my opinion high vet bills should never be an excuse to abandon an animal. When there is a will there is a way. Our vet has a payment plan for people who are in a a tight spot and gives discounts too. Here in my neighborhood I haven’t come across a vet who is in the profession to make lots of money. I’ve always wondered too about the older dogs we adopted what they would have looked like as a pup. A

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  3. My first cat was a stray/feral who Mum had taken pity on and left food and water for. She had kittens in our garden, against a window. I knew not to touch them (I was 14) but she meowed until I looked and then grabbed my hand in her jaw and put it on the three kittens. The next day a burglar broke a window and she brought the kittens to live under my bed, she used to tag me when she needed time away from the kittens so I could watch them. They all received the best of vet care, 2 of the kittens; Hope and Precious went to loving homes, Solemn and the mother Vagabond spent the rest of their lives with us.

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