Training with a Purpose

petsmartToday I got together with my CCI buddies. There was no time for play but we got to practice tons of stuff at Petsmart and Home Depot. Lots of maneuvering around garden items, toys,  FOOD!, and other distracting savory objects. We even had to crawl underneath tables and lie down in tight corners. It’s like agility training to me, and that I do love.  The reason why we practice this is because CCI dogs have to be able to make themselves as small as possible so that they can travel on an airplane with their person or accompany them into a restaurant.

Afterward, there was lots of socialization with people who wanted to know more about us and the difference between assistant and therapy dogs.  And then there were people who needed some loving for one reason or another. An elderly man approached us and said he had recently lost his longtime dog-buddy due to an injury. He seemed to want a listening ear and some consolation. I’m good at both, so we stayed with him for a bit. Another person wanted to pet me since she misses having a dog at home. Because of her husband’s preferences, they settled on cats. She loves all animals, she said and wouldn’t mind a house full of them. Now that’s my kind of woman.

I met three cute looking tuxedo cats too. They are up for adoption at Petsmart and fostered by a nice young lady. We forgot to take a picture of the kitties but they looked a bit like the ones M and Q took care of gazillion years ago. They were just older; 1.5 years instead of 2 months. I liked them and M almost took them home. I think M wouldn’t mind a house full of animals either.

Sunnydays are my favorite days, that’s when I will be going to agility training again. Wishing you a sunnyday tomorrow with lots of sunshine. Stay safe and I will try to do the same,


8 thoughts on “Training with a Purpose

  1. Benji, you are a great student, you are all the time learning something new. Those tuxedo kittens made my mom’s eyes wet and she said I could be one of them, she has not seen me as a kitten, and she would also like to have the house full of animals.
    Wishing you days full of sunshine.
    Your friend Kosmo

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  2. Oh what a wonderful training-idea!!!! I think the mama has to do that too… we go to a store and I try to be as small as pawsible and very well bee-hived. I passed the restaurant test by now and the howltel-test… and the crazy traffic-test… think it’s time for the next level…. let’s go to Prada… or to a petstore LOL

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    • I don’t think the mama would like to roll up like a pretzel… I would like to do the howtel–test some day. Wouldn’t mind sleeping in exuberant luxury and howling at the moon. You lucky dog!

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      • Benji, I tell ya such howltels are super funny… the only bad thing was to go out at night for a potty break… we picked the wrong howltel that time, the one of bill&jean had a doggy lawn on the terrace… so the dogs there had it easy ;o)

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    • Thanks; it looks like you are all caught up on the news at headquarters. I still have to write the report on today’s agility training. I’m happy to report that no forbidden goods were eaten and I had loads of fun running around and over obstacles.

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