A Visit to the Vet

On Monday I had to accompany Ms. Zulu to the vet. M thought that I could help Ms. Zulu calm her nerves. It’s not that Ms. Zulu doesn’t like the vet, it’s just that it reminds her of the ACL surgery and everything leading up to it around 1.5 years ago. M said that my comfort tricks worked. We were all happy about it. This resulted in lots of treats. Ms. Zulu and I got a pedicure too. I don’t care for it but at least we got more yummy treats so I can’t complain too much.  And I’m happy to report that both Ms. Zulu and I got a clean bill of health from the doc.  This should result in even more treats wouldn’t you think?


I gave Ms. Zulu the best spot in the house and distracted her while we waited. 


Something on the floor needed my full attention. Not sure what it was but it was important. 

Afterward, we had to get bathed. I had to anyways since I have an MI-6 Tuesday morning, but Ms. Zulu normally wouldn’t have. It’s just that one of the other doggies who was waiting for the vet in the waiting room had a little accident. It was a 50-50 chance that Ms. Zulu and I had been in the dirty zone. Hence the two baths before we were cleared for reentry into our home’s atmosphere.

Taking a bath equals lots of wet towels to wash. I use a small and big towel while Ms. Zulu uses two big ones because of her long hair. Our bed linen and my Dogtor uniform were cleaned too so we ended up washing two washing machines full of laundry.

I always supervise the laundry event. Ms. Zulu helps occasionally. My stuffed animals get sometimes thrown into the mix and they even may get lost. I make sure that doesn’t happen. If I see them in the laundry basket I rescue them before they get all wet. I don’t like to get wet so I don’t see the point of getting my stuffed friends wet. It’s that simple. If I can’t get to my friends before they end up in the washing machine, I give them lots of TCL once they come out of the dryer.

Be good and stay dry the remainder of the week,


8 thoughts on “A Visit to the Vet

  1. Way to practice your comfort skills on the sister before going on another mission and congrats on the clean bill of health. I’m with you on the whole water torture thing. Have a successful mission and bring loads of smiles to everyone. Remember, the giant box isn’t so bad when treats are provided. Good luck, soldier!
    Your fur-iend,

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  2. That’s very smart of you to make sure the wash (especially with your toys!) is supervised. My kitty boys Andy and Dougy supervise everything I do, too, “just in case”. I give them l=kitty treats for a job well done. Do you get doggy treats for your good work?

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