Wow, another mission accomplished.  I visited the emergency center again. This time I went with another Dogtor. Her name is Katrina. She graduated at the same time I did and she is already 15 years old.  That is 3+ years older than my big sis and 10 times older than me! Isn’t that something?! Katrina is very calm. She loves to lie down whenever there is a chance. I rather sit and smile at people.

I’ve noticed that people seem to recognize me more and more. They call my name and want to say hi. They even want to take pictures of me. I got lots of practice at headquarters sitting still for a photo plus treat, so I always say “no problemo” [ed. as long as there are treats].

When we were done with all the Dogtoring, M and I went to an embroidery place. I went inside to say hi and gave them my blue bandana that will be embroidered with our logo. I will try to remember to show you the result as soon as it’s done.

Next on our agenda was the Pet Supermarket.  Yeah, we needed more treats and another bag of food. M says that’s because one being in our household eats at least for two three. I can tell you that ain’t me because my tummy always feels like it could hold lots more yummies.

More pictures were taken at the Pet Supermarket too. This was nicely balanced out with treats. Thanks to the friendly lady assistant at the store who did notice that I could use some more. At the cash register, one of the shoppers asked if I was up for adoption. M didn’t know how fast to say no, pay, and practically drag me outside. I guess that’s an affirmative NO.

To sum things up, it was a productive day and I can rest assured that my forever home will be forever, ever after.  How’s that for a good ending?!

Night, night and sleep tight,





24 thoughts on “MP-6

  1. wow you managed all that challenges very well!!!! and I agree … to run away like the wind is the best a mom can do if someone asks such a question ….but I understand that shopper…. you are an eyecatcher and super beautiful, so no wonder that all people want a Benji ….. butt there is only one benji on this planet earth and he belongs to his mama furever&ever, ha!

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  2. Now, Benji, all good things in moderation, dear friend, and yes sorry, that does means snacks as well. You don’t want to have weight issues. No way! Slim and trim is the way to go. I’m proud of you! Woof!! ❤

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  3. Hi Benji,you have been busy again. Think your are already like a film star, people know you and and want to talk with you, isn’t that great. Remember to take a photo of that bandana. And let’s forger people asking silly questions.
    Have a happy day full of love and treats!
    Your faraway friend

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