You’ve Got Mail

Yahoo, we got mail from Doug, Andy, and Dougy! The postcard shows Mona Lisa with a kitty; isn’t that cute?! We were all very excited to read the card. We have put our heads together to send them a reply via snail mail. Stay tuned for the update.

Thanks, Doug, Andy, and Dougy!

The ZAB team

9 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail

  1. What a wonderful time I’ve had catching up here, today! Benji, you are incredibly handsome, and your sister, Ms. Zulu is the prettiest girl in the world.
    Drake and Sol send love to both of you. They are busy having a lovely fly out over Lake Ontario. As we can see the lake from our windows, they often want to go out and fly over the lake.
    Wedding plans continue. Sol’s gown is finished and we are shopping for wedding bells.

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    • Great to hear from you and thanks! We can imagine how beautiful the fly over Lake Ontario must have been. Me, Benji, would not want to fall into said lake unless it is warm enough to take a bath 🙂 Ms. Zulu was happy to hear about Sol’s wedding gown and can’t wait to see it! Shopping for wedding bells, it really is getting closer 😀 . Love from the whole ZAB team, Benji.

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