The Forbidden Fruit

The forbidden fruit is oh so tempting. This is the first year our apple tree is producing apples. The name of the apples is promising: Joy Apples. Last year I was too small to help myself to the Fuyu Persimmons; believe me, I tried. Β The apple tree will be so much easier as I have grown and the apple tree is still a youngin. Supposedly the apples will even get bigger. I am not sure if I want to wait to see that theory come to fruition. I can wait a little bit but hey where is the joy in waiting much longer?

Have a great weekend, and may the rewards be big for those who wait,


9 thoughts on “The Forbidden Fruit

  1. An apple is very dangerous, if you see at the same time a snake which is talking to you. I have to tell you that we are in the middle of a snow storm again, this winter is not giving up easily. The hedgehog who lives in our garden walked just now to our door to ask for food. After eating he lost his way and dad carried him back to his house.
    Have a warm weekend!
    Your friend

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    • Will try to remember the tale of the snake and apple… Oh no, not snow again. We must send you more sunshine. Poor hedgehog, luckily he has your dad to look after him. Stay warm my fur-iend. Benji

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