Gone with the Wind

Gone with the wind are my best buddy Capone and my new CCI friend Adonis. We took care of Adonis for only two days but when he left it felt like he was already part of the fur-amily.

Lots happened in the last three days. The evening before Capone had to drive south for his graduation, we had one last playdate. You can find the video of Capone’s graduation here. Adonis stayed with us for two days since both his puppy raisers went with Capone to the graduation ceremony.

Someone at my house, you can guess who, loves taking pictures especially puppy pictures. So there are now a gazillion plus pictures in addition to the ones we already have that have to be sorted. Here is a photo showing Adonis on my red bed. OK, ok, it is Ms. Zulu’s bed too.

Adonis is only 10 weeks old. Just as a comparison there is one photo of me when I was 3 weeks younger than Adonis is now. At that age, I didn’t have a magic cape like Adonis. Remember, I had just escaped been adopted from the shelter. Nonetheless, I had my football and an angel on my chest. Since we didn’t have a photo of me when I was 10 weeks old on the red bed (how come???!!!) we threw in the one that shows me when I went sailing for the second time in my life.

Enjoy your Sunny Day and wishing you smooth sailing this week,


20 thoughts on “Gone with the Wind

    • Thanks Jean. Puppy time is grand, intense, and over before you know it. I guess that’s why I love to take pictures, to treasure those moments, to have a laugh when we need it. A.


  1. What’s not to love about puppies?! I especially like it when they are still nursing. Puppy milk breath is magic. Yes, the time they are puppies passes so fast and one is smart to take as many photos as possible for memories and laughs later when they grow into handsome pooches like Benji!

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  2. You are definitely the cutest, that photo sailing with 10 months old … has no comparison.
    Your face says “here something is moving” … the beginnings of the ship captain are never easy.

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