Emergency (S)care

Boy oh Boy, what a week I had. On Tuesday I was brought to the ER. I was a bit suspicious because this time I was dressed in my regular outfit instead of my usual Dogtor attire. And we seemed to be more in a hurry. The ER also looked and smelled different from the one I normally visit as a Dogtor. There were other dogs, yet I could find not a single one in a Dogtor’s uniform.

As we approached the front door it became rapidly clear to me that this time I would be the one on the table. A vet assistant examined me and before I could woof anything they took an X-ray. A diagnosis was made and everything, and I mean everything! that I had acquired with quite some effort on my part that evening, was confiscated. Out came my newly acquired treasures: my treats, my dinner, and some chewy bones. Turned out that the bones on my twister food game were not edible! I ask you, who makes bones that are not edible?!  I definitely need some guidance here.

After a lot of waiting, we were finally allowed to leave the building. M and I went first. Q came out a bit later. He looked a lot lighter compared to when we first arrived. He walked straighter too. Maybe heavy wallets are just not good for you. Isn’t there a saying you humans use: “money doesn’t make you happy”? I would like to add: “and pets do”. First, because we are a lotta fun. And second, we know a thing or two to help you burn some of that inedible junk. I guess I was able to do some of my Dogtoring even without my magic uniform. Who knew?

I had to be watched for 48 hours to make sure that there were no remaining plastic pieces inside of me scratching or obstructing any passages. Initially, the ER vet thought that I could have some pelvic bone issues as well, but after checking with my own vet the next day this turned out to be a non-issue. We were happy to hear this news as headquarter staff had worried a bit that this would impact my secret mission work and agility fun. It’s now 48 hours later and there are no signs of lingering inedible matters either so we should be in the clear on both fronts. Phew, that was a close call.

Of course, to celebrate the great news and because certain people still feel guilty about the oops ordeal (yes, keep that up), we had doggie ice cream. According to my kitchen staff, it’s really easy to make: Fill an icecube tray with some edible*! stuff such as a bit of peanut butter, banana, or blueberries. Pour water on the goodies, let it freeze, and voila you got doggie ice cream. Ms. Zulu and I love it especially when we get a bit of yogurt (more is always nice) on top. The blueberry ice cream may leave a mess on your floors so we tend to eat that one outside. Yum!

Stay cool and remember “every cloud has a silver lining”,


*Here are some other recipes you can try. Make sure all ingredients are safe for your quadrupeds 🙂 .

16 thoughts on “Emergency (S)care

  1. oh my… I’m so glad the vet could stop that bone-nanza in your tummy and efurrything illegal left your 7 stomachs. That was a reason to celebrate with ice cream, I so agree.
    Easy had a lot of this intelligence games, he solved them within a minute and then he started to eat the whole game. He probably thought that games are a kind of magic boxes what produce neverending treats, because the smell of the treats was still inside of the little holes and boxes…… The mama bought only one for me what’s made of wood, but I don’t like it… my nose is too big now to get the treats out BOL

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    • Thanks mate. I finally caught up on filling the 7 stomachs up again, well maybe the last one needs some more of the ice cream, hey?! M was afraid I would eat the wooden boxes, well I showed her… I can eat plastic too. I’m sure I won’t get those anymore. You have a grand day; try to stay off the pad of shame. Benji

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  2. Poor thing! Well deserved ice cream I’d say, putting inedible bones in such a thing should be illegal, what on earth do the manufactureres think is going to happen? They’ll get eaten! Pffff. I’m glad its’a ll over now mind you – *beams*

    – Esme loving all the recipes linked upon the Cloud

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  3. This is a good time to remind us humans to supervise our furbuddies while they play with toys. The other day, Andy barfed up some shreds off a pom pom toy made of Mylar. It was fortunate cats tend to barf up things, but it wouldn’t be a happy day if he got them down into his digestive tract. I won’t let the kitty boys play with that toy again!

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    • Yes, we will always remain puppies at heart so always supervise! M says I’m the first out of seven to just swallow things when they catch me chew on inedible stuff. We practiced the drop command from 12 weeks onward but it seems much more fun to keep stuff… Somehow being the first at the ER with inedible chews in my stomach doesn’t get me an award. But it did get me ice cream. Benji.

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    • Yeah keep the treats coming. Since I also seem to swallow whole sweet potato chews (it was found in my tummy mix), I will only get small bites at a time for a while… You have a great weekend too! Benji

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  4. Good grief…why don’t toy makers use edible bones and put a neverending supply in with the toy. It only makes sense. A kitty couldn’t chew that bone off but a big woofie…no problem. Complain!! Your mom may write to the toy manufacturer and save a smaller woofie from death. Besides you may get a safer toy in compensation. Remember the squeaky woofie gets the food. We hope!! hehe Glad you’re ok Benji.

    Shoko and Kali

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