The Forbidden = Unforbidden

I have some good news to report on this exciting Monday. After gazillion years months of endless waiting, the forbidden fruit became unforbidden.  One apple just happened to fall down with its rosy cheeks up. I didn’t see it fall and no I didn’t touch it. I know, I know. In hindsight, I should have, could have waited at the bottom of the tree and gobbled it up right there as we all know that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

We supposedly live in a democratic household so after we had looked at the apple on the kitchen countertop for ages days my kitchen staff split the apple into four equal parts. All seeds and the core were removed as those are very bad for us canines.

There is a second apple that keeps staring at me from the kitchen countertop. That one didn’t fall down but had to be harvested to save a fragile looking tree limb from breaking.  The limb had three apples on it and just couldn’t support those. I would have taken all three apples, but hey my opinion doesn’t seem to count most of the time sometimes. Calling headquarters a semi-democratic institution would probably be more accurate.  They are trying their best but some seem to be more equal than others. One can always hope though that one day we’ll all be the same.

If you’re wondering what else we canines can eat besides apples, here is a list of some of the human goodies that canines can eat.

Bon chew,


22 thoughts on “The Forbidden = Unforbidden

  1. Benji and Ms.Z, you have apples now, we don´t have anything, no flowers, no leaves. You must live in a paradise, hmm, yes they had that apple in the paradise and it changed the whole future, if there would not be that apple we would be there…just thinking.
    Your friend

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  2. Hey everyone!
    It’s Resa here, Drake’s Toronto mom. I just love catching up on all your adventures. The picture of Benji and Ms. Zulu in the post is fabulous, and I was wondering if I could use it in my Thank You to you, for helping out with the vegetable garden during Kids’ Month.
    It will be a small insert, with links. I found the perfect thank you pictures.
    Okay, I’m going back to my blog now to work on the TY post! I’ll come back later. Have a great Sunday!

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