A Day of Rest

I know Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest but I’m taking one today. I had such a busy week. Sunday morning I had agility training, Monday I had a play date, Tuesday I went a whole day to the doggie entertainment center,  Wednesday I had to puppy sit Adonis, then went straight to a training session in the park…. on Thursday I could rest some, while on Friday we went to the river and supervised boat launches. Of course, we had my regular on-site SIS training sessions as well. I’m getting out of breath just thinking about it.

So, today I am practicing mindful body, mind, and soul. I read that resting for a day benefits all three. We call it Zuluism in our house.

I love sleeping on my bed. I now have a Molly Mutt headrest that I truly enjoy. My bed is a Brindle soft memory foam bed. I did not pick it because of its name. It just seemed like a good bed and I’m very happy with it. I still like Ms. Zulu’s bed the best, it’s a PetFusion bed with a headrest on three sides, but that’s hers so I don’t get to use it much.

Take a break and replenish your body, mind, and soul,


19 thoughts on “A Day of Rest

  1. Benji, what a week, you must be tired, huh! You know humas have two days every week for rest, why not dogs, you have to demand a rest day and good naps every afternoon. Do you believe, I have been afraid to go out, I was out. Dad took me out, I have a blue west. Hmm, my walking was difficult, my stomach was in grass, I had no courage to stand straight. So I walked on my tummy to eat grass. What do you think, am I a looser?
    Oh my dear friend, I always talk too much, I am so sorry.
    Have a lovely day for resting!

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  2. Benji, I love your head roll pillow. I am going to bug Mom to get me one, now. And why doesn’t your memory foam bed sag in the middle like mine? Oh, Mom just said because a large angel sister used it first, plus I keep removing bits of the memory foam, so I guess it forgets. 🙂 I am resting today ’cause Riley is gone with his Dad.

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    • Me too; I use it every day. It is not surprising that when memory foam gets too old it gets forgetful. Resting is good; I will take my big nap in a minute. Benji


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