A Day of Rest

No agility training today.  I have to wait another week. I have only two more sessions left. Next on our list is Advanced Agility Training. In the meantime a photo of me and my CCI Labrador and Golden Retriever buddies showing the wheel in a training session last Thursday. It was sort of the wheel of fortune. I got treats if I performed the commands correctly. The two buddies on my right are full-fledged assistance dogs, the two on the left are in training, hence their yellow vest.  I’m the only Brindle X and therapy dog.  I’m fur-iends with everyone.wheel.jpg

Happy Sunny Day, 


18 thoughts on “A Day of Rest

  1. It looks to me that all your buddies are on your left as you are sitting.
    But who cares about nitpicking when you have such a picture with you and your fur-ends.

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  2. A lovely photo of you, Benji, and your friends. What happens after you have done the last two sessions. Of course treats and a party, but are you planning to study more? I am sure, you will fly through your lessons like a Super Dog in his blue west.
    your friend in faraway Finland.

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