What? No? Yes!

Yesterday, Ms. Zulu and I were reading the postcard that we received from Kosmo and his mom when all of a sudden I heard something. I had heard it before and I knew it was something noteworthy. So I looked up and barked. As usual, I was told to be quiet. Since I thought it was something really, really noteworthy I didn’t immediately. Finally, after some additional barks, my staff saw what I had heard and seen. At about 25-30 meters away, a big black bear looked us straight in the eye. I stood at the ready to protect my family. M said that wasn’t necessary as black bears are usually not dangerous. Just let the bear know you’re there and give the bear space.

M hopes the bear is a she and that we will see some cubs this summer. That would be something else. Luckily, there won’t be a bear hunt this year. The hunt in 2015 was awful in so many ways. We don’t need that as there are many good ways to coexist with bears. For more information on Florida bears look at Stop the Hunt website. We don’t have a photo of the bear we saw yesterday, but we found a photo of a bear in the archives. These were taken by one of my staff during a trip to Alaska way before I was born.


22 thoughts on “What? No? Yes!

  1. A bear, you saw a bear! You are Super Dog, as I said, you noticed the bear. Maybe you have photos of cubs soon.
    We have bears in Finland, brown bears, but we seldom see them. Bear hunt is really awful, our bears are almost all killed. I just don’t understand why. They live in huge forests, never hurting anybody if you don’t disturb them. And the same with our wolves.

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    • Oh, cubs, wouldn’t that be something! M is looking forward to that happening. We also seldom see bears. Well I notice them a lot but the ears and eyes of the humans are not always the best. We totally agree, Kosmo. Killing wolves is a shame too. They are hunting them again everywhere in the US. Florida hasn’t had any wolves for a while except on St. Vincent Island where there is a program for red wolves. Coyotes took their place. We do see those occasionally.

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    • We will do our best to co-habitat safely. Ms. Zulu and I got our summer instructions. There is not any off-leash time in the woods in the summer. There is plenty of stuff to do so we don’t mind. Benji

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  2. For a dog, Benji, you have quite the eagle eye. I think I can see that bear in the top picture, but not if I had not known it was there. Be safe.


  3. WoooW … one black bear, how exciting !! Is such a beautiful animal, it makes me very sad to read that information about the hunting of 2015 … it is important that this does not happen again.


    • Staff hasn’t seen them a lot here either. However now I’m here I think they will see them more often as I will tell them when to look. They are not always listening though. I will keep trying. Benji

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  4. as our population continues (unchecked) to expand you will see fewer & fewer of everything wild including bears unfortunately.We tend to sterilize our living areas of wildlife & than on the weekend go off to the country to hunt them further.Sad but true.

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