Cool Hot Summer Fun: 8

What to do on one of those lazy Sunny Days? Make new friends! This one was technically speaking not a new one as he had been hiding in our doggie pantry since November 2016. Yes, you read that right. That’s when a V.I.P. stayed with us and we did the coastal tour. Oh, those were the days. Cool temps, excellent company, what else could one want.

From l. to r.: Ducky, Crab, Moose, Rabbit, Rhino, Rope, Wallie, and Mr. Crocodile

I’m glad we found Mr. Crocodile. We hope he can stay and play with us for a long time to come. It all depends on his heart a.k.a. squeaker. Sometimes I have to do CPR on my friends. In the past, I have experienced some losses (see R.I.P. Ducky I). I guess I have to practice more. I also hope that Mr. Crocodile is a good soccer player. I love to play that game. More about that later; it’s getting pretty close to dinner time!

Wishing you a happy 4th of July weekend,

please keep your furry and not-so-furry ones safe,


14 thoughts on “Cool Hot Summer Fun: 8

  1. A new friend, Mr. Crocodile, he looks friendly, being a crocodile. Do you still have very hot weather, do you have any rain at this time of a year? We have so rainy summer, not very cold, but raining. This sometimes happen, we didn´t have snow, so because the rain amount is almost the same every year, we have now water.
    Enjoy your life, Benji and Ms.Zulu.

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    • We have lots of rain, but the last two days the rain missed us. I don’t like rain and Ms Zulu is afraid of thunder. Yesterday, there were a lot of “boom”s too. Something to do with celebrating the fourth. Benji

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