We have a Canine Companion for Independence (CCI) visitor so we will be AWOL for a little while as we will be busy showing him around town. Our visitor is about seven months old and has an out of jail card for seven days.

The little guy who is actually quite a big guy already is a service dog in training and being trained by inmates at a correctional institute for women. He needs some real world experience such as shopping, riding in a car, going to the doctor etc., hence the out of jail card. The women who take care of these puppies are doing a fabulous job so it’s always a joy to have these guys around.

I promise to catch up with you later,

24 thoughts on “AWOL

    • I’m sure the music and songwriting is well received too. The success rate of the dogs that are trained in the prison is higher than the dogs that are trained in the real-world.


  1. Ohhh, what a lovely dog, he looks almost as big as you … maybe it’s the perspective but he is really cute.
    Looks so much like Clay, I can not stop thinking about it. Will Clay be so cute when he is bigger?
    In addition he has an interesting and exciting work …

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