Twelve and more!

Lots has happened these past few weeks, so it’s time for an update. Our CCI visitor is gone with the wind again, more on that subject later. We also celebrated Ms. Zulu’s 12th birthday. That’s a lot of years! We don’t know her exact birthday as she, just like me, was adopted from the shelter but we celebrate it around the beginning of August. And guess what we found in our mailbox yesterday: an email from Belén Soto with photos of the clay figurines of Ms. Zulu and me that she is working on.


Photo credits: © Belén Soto 2017


The first draft


Ms. Zulu

This is based on the modeling work Ms. Zulu and I did last year. Belén said that she will show more photos on her website Arcilla Fuego soon. We are really excited about it and just couldn’t wait any longer to show you so we asked Belén for permission. Aren’t the figurines gorgeous?! You can see that Ms. Zulu and I are waiting for treats. On that note let’s walk to our doggie pantry to see if we can get some yummies in our real tummies.



30 thoughts on “Twelve and more!

  1. Hello Benji, thank you very much for sharing my photos with your followers, I hope you like them, right now I am working on your red bow tie, I think it is an essential complement …
    I send my congratulations to Ms Zulu, is a girl with a long experience … twelve years are a lot of adventures.
    Enjoy a happy birthday !!

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    • The red bow tie will be pawbulous for sure. We are so excited about the project. It’s hard to wait but has to be done. If we get treats in between I think it can be done. Ms. Zulu woofs thanks for the congrats. Lots of adventures indeed!

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  2. Reblogged this on Arcilla y fuego and commented:
    Benji y Ms. Zulu han compartido las fotos de sus primeros bocetos, creo que ellos estan contentos con los resultados …
    Muchas gracias A.
    Benji and Ms. Zulu have shared photos of their first sketches, I think they are happy with the results …
    Thank you very much A.

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  3. Already, the expressions are priceless. Happy 12th birthday, Ms. Zulu! And yes, we also make up birthdays for our adoptees. Lucy’s will be sometime in December, but haven’t come up with an exact day yet.

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    • Belén makes lots of beautiful art. We love to read her blog. Thanks for the b-day wishes. We are still waiting for the cake although we did get doggie ice cream. Hugs and kisses back at you. Benji and Ms. Zulu.

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  4. Andy and Dougy want to wish our furfriend Ms. Zulu a wonderful birthday! She is one of our top favorite woofies!

    Also, We already told our friend Belen what masterful works her clay portraits of Benji and Ms. Zulu are, but don’t you think they are instantaneously recognizable?! 😂

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