Today we turned another Mission Impossible into a Mission Possible. It was the 13th visit so what could go wrong, eh? We went back to the adult care center. This time I was the only Dogtor so I was a busy bee and I don’t even have wings. Everyone was pleased to see us again. We chatted our heads off with the folks for about half an hour when I heard rumbling noises. It was faint at first, well not to me but those with shorter ears seem to be less sensitive to sound; it definitely got louder over time. I looked at M and we both figured that it was time to go home before it would catch up with us. It was good that we did. As soon as I jumped in the car it started raining cats and dogs. Lucky for us, we did not get a visit from that fellow Harvey that caused havoc way west of us. He is a bad, bad, guy from what I’ve heard. Lots of people and animals got themselves into a pickle. Some even died because of Harvey;  so sad. Our thoughts are with everybody in that area. If you would like to help with the animal disaster relief efforts visit

As we drove away from the adult care center, the sky got brighter the closer we got to headquarters. Maybe the noisy pickles got scared by Ms. Zulu’s Border Collie stare. I don’t blame them, she can be pretty intimidating at times. Maybe barking helps too. I wouldn’t mind taking the lead on that sometime. OK, gotta run. I have a playdate with my CCI friend. After the playdate we will go shopping and meet more CCI friends in the city!

Let the sunshine in,



15 thoughts on “MP-13

  1. I’m glad you picked the right moment to jump into the car… that rumbling noises and the shower what comes with them is scary… I nearly lost my marbles as I sat in the car yesterday and the heavy rain hit the roof of the car… it was like sitting in a drum. You are very brave to ignore that noise … maybe I can learn that too?

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  2. Yes, the victims of Harvey have a terrible mess to recover from, and it is good that people are rounding up cats and dogs to save them from terrible ends. Other people are lucky to have their animal friends with them. This terrible event shows the benefit of microchipping one’s animal friends in case they become separated from you in natural disasters. Collars can be lost or slipped out of.

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  3. What an furbulous mission, Benji! I’m sure there were plenty of smiles all around. Good job. I don’t understand why Mother Nature can’t spread the liquid stuff more evenly around. Those terrible hurricane and major dumps just aren’t fair to (wo)man or beast.

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