We are preparing for Hurricane Irma so we will be AWOL for a bit. Irma must be Harvey’s sister because she looks very mean. We are keeping all our digits crossed that she will lessen her temper. Maybe we all need to spray some lavender spray in her direction. It seems to help everyone when I’m on my Dogtor missions. I will also throw some of my reversed Reiki in the mix. In the meantime enjoy Belén Soto’s sculptures of me and Ms. Zulu. 

Over and out,


Benji Algunos ya lo conocéis por sus emocionantes aventuras , Benji, también conocido como “Agente 0011” es un perro encantador, siempre tan serio y elegante … en muy poco tiempo ha pasado de un refugio de animales abandonados a trabajar como perro de terapia con humanos que necesitan de su ayuda. Su currículum es […]

via Benji — Arcilla y fuego

Ms. Zulu A Ms. Zulu también la conoceréis por sus constantes apariciones en el blog de Benji, Life of Benji, también conocida como “Big Sister” ella es su fiel compañera de aventuras, en el equipo es la voz de la experiencia, sus sabios consejos son esenciales para controlar el ímpetu con el que Benji afronta […]

via Ms. Zulu — Arcilla y fuego

25 thoughts on “Updates

  1. this is the best art I ever saw!!!! we cross our paws that Irma will forget the way to the US or that her power is gone when she meets the coast…. hugs to you you are in our thoughts and we pray for all people and the pets and the wildlife…

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    • Love pieces indeed. Pawsitive vibes are welcomed with open arms on this side of the pond. Wished we had a cloud like yours that we could sit on when the mean sister comes to close. The woofer and gang.


  2. I’m trying with lavender spray, the direction is correct … but the distance will be a problem, be very careful, Irma has a tantrum.
    Thank you very much for sharing my Benji & Ms Zulu versions, a little fun on a complicated day … soon you will be able to see them with all their colors.
    A big hug!!

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  3. Andy and dougy say give them the word and they’ll bare their “Terribly Vicious Fangs Making Total Subjugation the Only Reasonable Response” at this naughty Irma!

    Clearly they don’t understand the nature of these storms, but I told them you’d appreciate the offer.

    Stay safe, my friend!!!

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  4. May you and all in the path and perimeter of this awful storm remain safe. Just a bit northeast of us there was a chemical fire from a plant that makes sodium chloride. I used to live there. Thought we were safe here, but started smelling it while sitting outside just now, so have come in and shut the windows. It just never stops.

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