9-10-17: 11:40 AM

As was predicted, the cone of terror arrived last night. Irma was quite thirsty; complete rivers and bays got sucked dry by her. My big sis and I tried our best to slow down the monster. Irma approached us in a counterclockwise motion. So I ran in clockwise circles with Mach 2+ speed to slow her down. Ms. Zulu cheered me on. Then she practiced Zuluism pretty much all day and into the night. This always helps to calm down our universe.

At night we decided to sleep together in Ms. Zulu’s favorite spot. It’s the safest spot in the house. Headquarters pretty much feels like a fortress, it is completely locked down with hurricane shutters closed. Trees did come down around us but so far nothing got damaged where we are. I tried to warn the humans when I heard one fall but as usual, they failed to hear anything.



We lost power just after midnight and are now using a generator intermittently. Everyone is advised to stay inside today. I knew all would be OK for us as soon as I could do my business outside without getting my behind blown away and breakfast with drinks were served right on time. We hope that everyone is safe and remains to do so.

Over and out,

0011 aka Benji 

35 thoughts on “Irma

  1. I am glad to hear you. Irma is scary and no one has seen such a storm like that before. I am sad for people seems islands and Florida got damaged and so many people have not home now. Not easy days. Be in safety place. Love, nia

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  2. I hope the power comes back and the wild Irma is on the way to northpole… what an evil thing… it caused so much damage and fears…
    I’m glad your headquarter is armed and prepared for all storms… your home is your castle, yay!

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  3. WHEW! Glad you are all okay down there! Benji, great work with the mach 2 clockwise circles. You are a very smart dog! Tell Anarette & Ms. Zulu to have a restful weekend! You, too! _Your Toronto pals! 😀

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