Happy Dayz!

Oh, Happy Dayz; hope you had the same great weekend as I did! It started with a big bang black bear and ended with agility training. Sorry, no photos of the black bear. The humans were too slow. At first, they didn’t understand what I was telling them and by the time they did it was too late to take out their camera. The humans still aren’t fluent in doggie woof. I try to be patient but it is tiresome at times.  The bears must like the persimmons and palmetto fruits around headquarters. I don’t blame the bears as I often have my nose on them too. Unfortunately, the doggie police won’t let me touch them.

On Saturday we went for a loooong car drive to see boats. Don’t ask me why because we already have one sitting idle at headquarters. We could have just as well stared at that one instead of driving all day to see one. I just let ’em be. My dutch human granny tells me that you just have to skip the chapter if you don’t understand it. It seems sound advice.

In the evening I played with my fur-iend Adonis and watched the movie Megan Leavey with my CCI f(ur)iends. The movie is about a military combat dog Rex and his handler Megan. Together they completed more than 100 missions. Rex and his colleagues are amazing; they are my heroes and I hope that all military combat dogs are well-taken care off and get a relaxing retirement as they certainly deserve some serious pampering after all their risky work.

Sunday morning, Ms. Zulu and I had a photo shoot for a calendar at the coast with a professional photographer. We will let you know when it gets printed. To top of the weekend, I had agility training that same evening.   Pfff, I need some rest!

Work hard, play hard,


13 thoughts on “Happy Dayz!

  1. you are a celebrity!!! you saw a black bear, you have a ship and you are in a pawlendar… that is just great! and you also are an agility champ!!! … I can’t wait to see your star on that walk of fame soon… will it be one with a bone?

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  2. The skipper is looking at a fast trimaran. Although you clearly have the agility to deal with a sailboat that leans a lot, I think you’ll enjoy staying level while going quick. And boy, you do indeed have a bunch of photographers keeping you in the viewfinder!

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  3. Don’t you just LOVE agility!? You look like you do fabulous with all of it, and especially the weave poles. The first time the trainer took us to the weave poles, demonstrated, and said, “Just let your dogs run along side them the first time,” Lexi did a perfect weave the whole way done. We all just stood there with our mouths agape. I think that was her only perfect weave, then she got sloppy, LOL!

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