Yes, I did it; I turned another Mission Impossible into a Mission Possible! Last Saturday, I read with the kids at the library and decided that it was a lotta fun. They stroked my ears, those are definitely my sweet spots, my back, and even my belly while they read to me. I had two incognito sessions at the library before I officially opened my office. Next time I will ask my photographer/ driver/ butler/ whatever-I-need-person to take a photo of my office. It has cute monkeys on the wall, even though we are not supposed to monkey around.

Here is a photo of my new outfit for the R.E.A.D. program.  I use it together with my favorite blanket that states: “In a perfect world every dog has a home”. Ain’t that the truth.


19 thoughts on “MP-14

  1. Benji, I am jealous. I would love to do that. Mom reads to peeps in the seniors facility here and wanted me to go but they won’t let me… training for cats and peeps are allergic… Cwap I say!! They are species bigots cause the dogs can go into the facility.

    Perhaps one day things will change.


    Merry Christmas my friend.

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    • That’s discrimination if you ask me. My organisation allows cats, dogs, even horses, and goats. Keep pestering them. We take a bath before we go in so people don’t get as much of us on them. We also sit on our own clean blanket for that reason. Merry Christmas to you too my fur-iend. Benji.

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  2. Once upon a time I too, Benji, wanted to have some of my cats do what you are doing now. But then busy came along and that dream went bye-bye. You are really doing such a wonderful wonderful thing in this world! I am so proud of you! Your owner needs to give you a bone in my opinion. 😉

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