Home For Christmas!

IMG_5542b.JPGLook who made it to our doorstep! We are so happy Little Ms. Zulu and Little Benji (LZ and LB) made it home just in time before Christmas! After traveling for almost six weeks from Spain, the little ones are a bit tired but unharmed and full of joy. Thank you Belén Soto for making it happen and ensuring that the pooches were safe throughout their travels.  As you can imagine we are quite busy catching up on their travel stories so this is all for now. We will soon bring you more news and photos of the whole gang. Let the fun begin!

The ZAB team 

15 thoughts on “Home For Christmas!

    • Belén certainly is!. LB and LZ look even better in real life. This photo without sunshine doesn’t really do them justice. I’m sure we will take more in the sunlight soon although we still have overcast and what feels like 100% humidity here. A.

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  1. I love this picture, it’s beautiful, they seem to wait for someone to allow them entry.
    They still don’t know their new home and show their shyness, they will soon feel happy and safe with the family …
    Someday they should tell us about their adventures in the Big Apple …
    Thank you so much for everything!!

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