The Gang


LB and LZ soaking up sunshine under a palm tree

It has been a whirlwind since LZ and LB showed up on our doorstep. It took them six weeks to travel from Vigo their birthplace in Spain to us. They left Vigo on November 8 and arrived in Madrid the next day where they had to stay for a while. We didn’t receive any updates until they showed up again in New York on December 10! Both Belén and we at headquarters were all worried when we didn’t hear from the little ones for four long weeks. We are still trying to get the gist of it but may never completely know what happened. At some point, there was even talk about LZ and LB being kidnapped. Luckily that was not the case. Customs did hold on to them a bit longer than what was needed but we can’t blame them because the little guy and girl are just too cute for their own good. The travel from New York to Florida took them another 11 days. They took this opportunity to sightsee. It was a bit chilly up north so it was a good thing that Belén had packed warm blankets in the suitcases. Now the little ones are soaking up the sun rays in Florida. LB and LZ have had their eyes on Benji’s agility equipment since the first second they stepped paw in the house. We had to tell them that that has to wait until everyone is well rested and full of new energy.

Our motto: play, rest, play into eternity

The ZAB team

26 thoughts on “The Gang

    • It’s all a matter of perspective. They are bigger than I thought, especially LB. Still they are just the right size. We will see how they will do on the agility equipment; they can’t stop looking at it.

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  1. What beautiful pictures, original and copy, it’s so fun!
    From what little I have found out, in Madrid the plan was Ms Zulu: visits to museums and galleries, Benji: visits to parks and gardens; In New York the plan varied a little, Ms Zulu: visits to clothes shops and fashion shows, Benji: visits to parks and gardens 🙂
    I don’t know his many adventures, but I want to think that they enjoyed the trip.
    Now I can see them very happy in their new home!!

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    • Ahh, that makes sense. LZ was talking about clothes a lot, a new dress perhaps that goes well with her flower. LB is just like Benji running, running, running around in circles and he loves to look outside too. A.

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      • In my house, both spent a lot of time looking at the landscape, I think they like to travel and get to know new places 🙂
        I love the photos inside your house, they are extraordinary … I have never seen your dogs “live”, but seeing the photos, I think I have approached enough to their particular styles, the photo with the four furry looking towards Up is priceless !!!!
        Hugs and thanks for everything.

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    • We are having fun taking photos together. We are also planning some trips. But first we will let LB and LZ enjoy the holidays. After all they had a very long journey so it’s time to relax and have fun. Benji

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  2. YAY!!! Congratulations Benji, Ms. Zulu and Anarette!
    Traveling can take a long time when it gets near the holidays. I’m happy everyone is home in time for the seasonal festivities.
    Honestly, LB & LZ look so real sitting in the window.
    What a wonderful day!xoxo

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    • A wonderful day indeed! Next time we will try to plan trips far away from the holidays. Holidays should be spent home with friends and family anyway. Happy Howlidays. XOXO, Benji and team.


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