It’s Co-old!

You won’t believe it, but on Tuesday we had snow at headquarters. The universities and schools were even closed because of severe weather conditions. On top of that on Thursday agility training got canceled! Snow and Florida, who would have thought those two would go together. For me, it was a sign to start my winter sleep. Ms. Zulu didn’t seem to be too disturbed. If anything, she looked more alive. I guess her winter coat is better quality than mine. Maybe I need a new one. It’s supposed to warm up over the next couple of days but after that, it will get cold again. Brrr.

Stay warm,


20 thoughts on “It’s Co-old!

  1. In New Jersey we have been in a deep, deep freeze. Happily we are forecasted to thaw out this coming week. Snow in Florida…that is not a happy thought. I like to think of Florida as forever warm. Have a blessed 2018.

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    • The white stuff is gone… but the cold stayed… There should be one day of warmer weather with humidity and then it will be cold again. We will stay close to the fire… Benji


  2. Ms. Zulu looks perfectly dressed for the weather. As a matter of fact, she looks simply marvelous, darling! 😀
    Many of the doggies up here in Toronto wear little coats and boots. They need boots because of all the salt on the street to stop icing up. The salt cracks their paws!

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    • Thanks, luckily we don’t have to worry about salt here but coats sound really good. We just don’t see them in the stores here for bigger dogs, only for the smaller ones. The other day we had 70+ F weather, today it did not get above 43 and last night it was freezing again.

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