MP-18 and MP-19

You probably wondered if we’re still alive. I’m happy to report that is still the case. We are just a bit behind in the blogging world. My human got busy with other stuff so blogging was put on the back burner. I know, what could be more important than doggy adventures?!

Rest assured, I haven’t sat still. On April 19, I went to a CCI outing with my assistants-in-training buddies. We encountered lots of wildlife in the big city, seriously that is no joke. Manatees were hanging from trees and dolphins could be seen splashing in front of buildings. So WEIRD! The next day I had some Dogtoring to do at the Homeless and At-Risk Veterans Stand Down event. This is an annual event to help homeless and at-risk veterans. Several people asked if I was up for adoption. WOL, of course not! On Saturday I went to the library to help children read. That was my fifth time. I even had two repeat customers.

Happy wanderings, don’t forget to smile,


15 thoughts on “MP-18 and MP-19

  1. Reportedly there was some fierce free-style agility as well, some of it including free-range flip-flops (don’t ask), but the humans were too busy being entertained to take proper photographs. So you’ll have to use your fantasy for those parts.

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    • Haha, busy bees indeed. Ms. Zulu and I just got back from a spa retreat in the city where we got pampered and I got to train with the petsitter lady for the half marathon! I love to run – run – run. Big licks, Benji.

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