Almost 3

Big drumroll pul-ease: Next week, September 18, I will be 3 years old! I expect lots of yummy treats and an extra toy or two or three or plenty. Anyhowls, my big birthday seems to be a reason to dwell on my puppy photos and has led to my own Instagram account: I hope the humans know that there is only one account that really counts: it’s my treat account!


19 thoughts on “Almost 3

  1. We don’t do instagram, so we will stick with following you here. You are in the prime of your life, Benji, and yes, treats are the only account that matters. Angel Lexi never understood why no one sent treats as an attachment to her email account. She was always hopeful, though.

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      • Yes, the two are proof that beautiful, deserving pets are available at our shelters, and should be a first choice over puppy and kitty mills or pet shops. I’ve had two shelter cats, both cherished if only for a short time before they passed, and two that would have become shelter animals had I not come along and agreed to take them home. Of course, all out cats and dogs give you and me a chance to highlight them and their special qualities on our blogs, eh!? (I still think the interviews we did together were brilliant and lots of fun! I hope people follow the links at the top of mine to those interviews!) Give Ms. Zulu and Mr. B. a good ear “scritch”” and an “IOU for 10 doggy treats” note in the treat account from me!

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      • We always enjoy reading about the t(r)ails of your boys and yes the interviews were lots of fun! Will give the doggies a good scritching and 10 doggy treats not in the treat account. With interest that should be a nice b-day gift next week 😀

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