Angel Wings

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Today’s post is one we hoped we wouldn’t have to write for a while. With a heavy heart, I am writing that Ms. Zulu passed away on December 3.  She was 13 years and 3 months old. It was all very sudden as a very aggressive and inoperable cancerous tumor showed up on her doorstep. It rained two solid days until she died. Then, just moments before it was time to walk over the rainbow bridge, the sun broke through the clouds and a beautiful rainbow appeared.


Ms. Zulu, aka Zoë, was an integral part of our family and everything you could hope for: a best friend, companion, nurse, Zen master, big sister, puppy raiser, playmate, dog rescuer, sailor, canoer, chaser, and so much more. Many beautiful memories were made on our adventures together. We will treasure them all fur-ever in our hearts. R.I.P. big girl; we are missing you big time. Thank you for everything.


Till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge,

B & A  


47 thoughts on “Angel Wings

  1. OMG…it’s such a sad time for you. I wish I could give you a big hug….you are not alone my friend. Hold on tight…..the next few days are like a roller coaster. Hang on to your loved ones as they know how you feel.

    Biggest of hugs,


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    • Thank you Jean. It’s always hard no matter how you try to prepare yourself for it. We had a beautiful time together. Still wished there would have been more time left to say our goodbyes. She was one of those easy dogs; all grown up before you knew it. We couldn’t have asked for more; each day she gave us 500% and more.


    • Thank you, that’s how we felt too. It was not easy to let her go but her eyes told us that it was time so we did. She raised Benji well and I think he is ready to pick up the torch.


  2. I wondered why we hadn’t heard from Benji (you) for a while. I also sit here crying for you and Miss Zulu. She both received and gave so much love and joy during her time on earth with you. The Bad C also took our wonderful Lexi at 13/3. Love and prayers. Amy


  3. I am saddened by your loss, Anarette. Mrs. Zulu was a dear old soul, and will be missed. I do know what you are going through. It never gets any easier. We will see our old friends on the other side of the bridge someday.

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  4. So sorry to hear of your loss, Ms. Zulu had to cross the bridge. She will live always in our hearts. Very strange things happened today. I was in my study arranging papers and the the postcard, the photo of Ms. Zulu and Benji fell on the floor. Later I decided to open my blog with the laptop I have not done for weeks, and then I saw your blog. This world in not only the part we see, there is so much more unknown to us, I am sure Ms.Zulu´s spirit was here.
    Warm hugs to you,

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    • Awww, that’s a heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing this. Ms. Zulu has touched many lives and will continue to do so. She couldn’t be as active in her later years as she would have liked to because of her age but I see her everywhere as she still tried to be with us as much as possible. She was part of the family and she will continue to live in our hearts. Hugs, A.

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  5. Zoe came to Benji’s blog without making much noise, almost like a secondary actress, and in a very short time she conquered our hearts, her pretty look told us about a faithful and full of love dog, it is exciting to see how many people are sad for her and how many people miss to the best “Big Sister”, I think this blog was a great idea and will be the best tribute for her.
    You already know how sorry I am … I will never forget her wonderful eyes and everything they transmitted.
    Kisses … and a lot of love for her young, and now sad “brother”

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    • Oh, thank you again Belén for your heartwarming words. I’m going through all her photos and videos right now and am thinking of showing “the best of Zoe” when the time is right. All three of us have some more adjusting to do. Every single nook of the house and many locations outdoors contain her footprint. She was a small dog with a big heart. Benji is showing gratitude for the kisses you sent him. A

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