I know, I know, we haven’t been in touch for a while but we’re still here and not in jail yet although the heading might tell you otherwise. Life has been fun with the little guy. He is turning into a big champ who is up for anything that keeps him moving! Agility, dock diving, you name it and he is in. He even got invited to herd some sheep AND he is allowed to come back! We can honestly say that he has a few tricks up his sleeve. That’s what led us to sit for the Trick Dog Exam in May. I’m happy to report that we are now officially two tricksters. That should keep us out of jail at least for a little while.

Just one more month and Da Sky will be one! I hope there will be a big partay with a mighty birthday cake. I’m definitely counting down for that one!


23 thoughts on “Mugshots

  1. Sheep shepherd dog!!! that sounds great … really great !! I think this is going to be a time of joy and new things for you, to be a “Big Brother” can be a very fun task
    You are both great in the photos, I especially like your photo camouflaged in the grass, have you learned it in your training?? I also love Sky’s face, his eyes hypnotize me, they are beautiful … I think he would be an excellent model 😉
    Hugs for both!

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    • WOL! I have learned to be in stealth mode in training and getting quite proficient. Sky is very good at mindbending people’s thoughts. It has proven already to be quite useful. Hugs to you too, WOOOFFF! Benji

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      • I also miss Ms Zulu, she was great when it came time to live adventures, I’m glad to know that her little sculpture brings back good memories 🙂 … to me too!!!
        I think Sky will be a perfect colleague for your new adventures, he has so many things to learn … and such a qualified teacher 😉
        The colors of his coat, so well defined, and those beautiful eyes … oh yes, Sky would be an excellent model.
        I send you a big hug Benji, and sorry, yesterday I didn’t see this message.

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