On the Move

Some exciting news from headquarters this Christmas. There is lots of movement, talk about moving, and moving parts to manage. Stuff is being donated or sold -yes, Da Sky and I are very closely guarding our stuff –  and boxes are being filled.  Da Sky and I even had to practise sitting in a big box for a gazillion days couple of hours. No, no, we are not left behind since we are considered priceless. Pew, that’s a relief.

The word is that we will move overseas but we won’t travel by boat. Why not travel by boat over the sea? Yeah, that beats me too. Traveling by boat would have been my first choice since I got my captain’s license way back and Da Sky is a fine first mate. Instead, we will travel by car and then in an air-monster. The car will be easy peasy. We will even have a VIP chauffeur flown in for us from Europe Still, I’m not too sure about the air-monster. You-all know that Da Sky can fly and  I’m famous for breaking the sound barrier but we are no rocket stars. I guess that’s about to change. Where we’re going? That seems to be all hush-hush and top-secret. All I know is that we haven’t been there yet, they have lots of sheep to chase look at, and it’s far, far away.

While the moving parts are moving, Sky and I are trying to fit in a couple of things one more time. I finished my last secret mission and I got my AKC Novice JWW (Jumpers with Weaves) title (with three first places). My little brother got his first Q and a second-place at his first AKC agility event ever.  Pretty good heh?! He had barely turned 15 months, the minimum age to enter. We also said our goodbyes to Apalachicola. We missed Miss Martha but were able to sail one more time on the big float a.k.a. The Follower. I was told that the big float won’t be able to follow us overseas. Yep, that’s another mystery to me. I would think that we can slow down soon but knowing headquarters that might be wishful thinking. If I don’t see you before the end of the year:

Happy Howli-Days and Smooth Sailing from all of us!

P.S. Don’t eat all Santa’s cookies and if you do make sure you shred the evidence.





15 thoughts on “On the Move

  1. OMD, Benji are you flying in an airplane way up in the sky. Will you get a window seat? Won’t your boat fit on the plane? Are you going to keep blogging? Will you still have Christmas where you’re going? Area you going ro forget us? Xox Lucy and Xena

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  2. I don’t want to scare ya but I once flew up in the sky from Germany all the way to Australia in one of those metal tubes. never again I can tell you! Even though there was a nice stop-over at a doggie hotel in Dubai it was still a horror. On the plus side I do like my new life in Australia!

    Have a great Christmas


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    • We know! We are planning to do this only once in our life! We are preparing for the big move every single day and have listened to the noise that those monsters make. Why are humans so noisy? Wishing you a great Christmas too! BAS


  3. Benji, Sky!!! I have been searching for you all over the internet and couldn’t find you, and now you are here! You have interesting news and a secret of the new a home with sheep. You both must be excited of flying over big seas among the clouds. Maybe you fly over the North Pole and over Finland, I will be watching all the planes and wave to them, maybe you are in there. Don’t forget us even though you have so many new things in your life.
    Waiting for news of your new home.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Kitty kisses and hugs to you both.
    a cat in faraway Finland,
    and Kristiina, too.

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