Finally, we managed to set aside a bit of time to update you all of what is going on in this part of the world. We got out of lockdown in New Sea Land after nearly seven weeks. This means that we can freely move around again. Parks, retail and restaurants are all open, people are back at work and children in school. The number of deaths due to COVID-19 has remained the same since May 28. It’s so different from what is going on in Florida. We really hope that the US will get on top of the barfy things soon too. I, as a real Dogtor, am of the opinion that they should listen to Dr. Fauci.  Anyhowls, you probably don’t want to hear more about the illnesses in the world, so onwards to fun stuff.

What we’ve been up to since we got out of jail? Sky and I joined a dog training group and are back on track with our special training. Sky even won the Best Beginner’s trophy in agility for this month. We also got addicted to a new hobby named flygility. Flygility is a combination of flyball and agility. You have to jump over obstacles and run through tunnels in order to get to a machine that shoots tennis balls in the air. Once you get to the machine you have to hit it, retrieve the ball and bring it back to your human teammate after you jump over or run through the same set of obstacles. You get tired quickly but it is so much fun so we don’t mind. Sky is super busy as he started Rally obedience training as well. I’m lucky to have escaped that predicament although I have to say that I miss the amount of yummies that you get there. The ratio number of yummies to performance is far better in (rally) obedience training than in agility or even flygility. On the weekends we try to explore the New Sea Land. One of our first trips was to the beach to do some beachcombing. We haven’t found the famous penguins yet, but we did manage to find something way bigger. More on that later.

Keep honing your skills and you are bound to find what you’re looking for,

23 thoughts on “Explorations

  1. Yes, Dr. Fauci understands pandemics better than anti-science politicians. I listen to him and never sam outside without a mask, and social distancing is my rule, too. Florida doesn’t seem like paradise these days, eh? I’m glad you are in one of the safest places, if not THE safest place to be these days, Annet.

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    • We are still looking for more permanent headquarters so not back to normal yet in that respect. I always hear and see things that others don’t seem to see or hear. On the last photo I must have seen people walk by. Kosmo, hugs back at you from all of us. B.

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  2. We are so jealous of you guys. We could definitely take a page about how to handle a pandemic from the lands down under. Well done. And well done on the Flygility! Sounds like the pawfect game for Sky. Ears to you both. Stay safe and keep smiling.

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  3. Wow, you have found all the stuff you love in New Sea Land! We are tail-wagging happy for you. But do they have a chapter of Freestyle there? Hoping the big thing you found instead of penguins doesn’t like to eat dogs! XOX Lucy and Xena

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