B = 5!

No way; yes way! Can you believe it? I’m all grown up now and am sooo ready to tackle the world. I still play, especially with Sky because he needs it. Bsides, it keeps me young at heart.

My birthday weekend was filled with agility fun. I did purr-etty well if I do say so myself. Da Sky had a bit of the zoomies. I guess he doesn’t know yet that he gets to play more if he goes snail pace with the human. A couple of weeks later Da Sky seemed to have morphed into an eye-on-the-ball Speedy Gonzales at our first ever flygility show. My little brother and I both won ribbons and kibble, so we can honestly say that we are earning our keep.

What else is new? Well, we are still house hunting. It’s not an easy task. For some reason, people seem to like big houses with tiny yards. We like a big yard with a not so big house. After all, we need to practice our agility and flygility moves. Apparently we can’t do it inside. Believe me, Sky has tried.

Keep moving and stay agile


17 thoughts on “B = 5!

  1. So good to see you on your special day, Benji. You two are pros now at flygility. We never even heard of it. Anyhow, happy BDay! Oh, and Mom said to tell you there are something called “adult products ” (whatever that is) being advertised on your blog site.
    XOXO Lucy and Xena

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  2. Happy birthday, Benji! And congratulations on the awards and stuff. Good for you! Keep up the great work and tell Mom good luck with the house hunting. Keep the faith that you will find a small house with a big yard. BIG SMILE!! xo

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