Hi peeps, just wanted to let you know that another super-secret mission is behind me. The covert operation was yesterday while the actual mission in Dogtor uniform was today. No gates this time, but impressive heavy wooden doors and lots of small corridors with people coming from nowhere and everywhere. We passed a cook in one […]


Yesterday, I was called up for a second super-secret-mission (Mission Possible 2). This time the higher authorities wanted my expertise as a real Dogtor at a special community with gates and everything. Of course, as a real soldier, I did not refuse. My preparations for this mission was two-fold. The day prior we had a thorough scrub session […]

My Resume

Name: Dogtor Benjamin Griz de Tiger (Benji) Codename: Mr. B a.k.a. 0011 DOB: ~ September 18, 2015 Weight: ~ 68 lbs. Address: CLASSIFIED Mission: Conquering the world one hug at a time as a real Dogtor. It has been speculated that Mr. B is the new and only Dogtor Who. He recently hired his first assistant, ex-shelter […]