Gardening Secrets

“Hi this is Benji and Ms. Zulu. We were asked by Resa to host the vegetable garden mural for Kid’s Month.” “This is quite an honor and we are happy to assist. Of course we are hoping to get a tasty snack for our modeling work.” “As you can see, I used to be very small.” […]

via Benji & Ms. Zulu Host “A Vegetable Garden” — Graffiti Lux and Murals

A New Project: Phase I

I am in between gigs so I thought that I would find myself a new project. I can’t sit idle for too long and the squirrels are not much fun these days. Not sure why but they are getting too slow to chase. Maybe they need to eat more. Anyhowls, several trees in my neck of the woods fell down after hurricane Hermine (Sept 16). One of them didn’t want to let go and was leaning sideways for a long time. One of the higher authorities in our household, I won’t mention any names but she might be the highest, looked worried at the tree each day because it was thought that it could hurt the furry ones (yes that’s Ms. Zulu and me!) once said tree would come down completely.


Sept 2016: Surveying the job

When we got back from our vacation the problem seemed resolved as the tree had hit the ground. Unfortunately, it had not hit the ground running because it was still in our backyard. The tree was cut in smaller pieces by another authority. I guess that is the advantage of being the highest authority; you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. Since the tree’s rootball was still anchored to the ground this part could not be removed easily. And here I come in. I thought I would help out by digging around the roots. This is phase I of my project. I asked Ms. Zulu if she could assist me, but she said that her digging days were behind her. She has too much napping to do these days. Either way, it shouldn’t take me long. Once the tree is lifted out of our backyard and we are hoping that this magically will happen very soon (well at least one of the higher authorities is hoping), I am going to start phase II. But that story is for another day.


Feb 2017: Ms. Zulu enjoys being on the job in between naps

Feb 17.JPG

Feb 2017: Showing good progress already

Happy digging; just don’t dig your own grave,